Dr. Pedro Pinheiro, MD


Dr. Pedro Pinheiro is medical doctor graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Currently residing in Lisbon, Portugal, he is board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology by the University of Oporto and the Nephrology School of Portugal.

Dr. Pedro Pinheiro has more than 16 years of medical practice at ambulatory and hospital level, including experiences in emergency rooms, Internal Medicine and Nephrology wards, hemodialysis clinics and Intensive Care Units.

Editor-in-chief of mdsaude.com since 2008, he is the author of more than 1000 articles on health related topics in Portuguese, Spanish and English. He is also responsible for the YouTube channel MD.Saúde, where he shares with Dr. Renata Campos the authorship and presentation of educational videos.

License Number: OM Portugal 47883 – CRM RJ 730092

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