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Archive of articles about Gastroenterology

Main Causes of Lower, Left, Right and Upper Abdominal Pain

Introduction Abdominal pain, also called stomach ache, refers to any pain that occurs between the chest and pelvis. As it is the region that contains the most organs throughout the body, the abdomen is prone to pain due to a multitude of causes and diseases. The large number of possible diagnosis often make the abdominal pain a challenge for the…

COPING WITH INTESTINAL GAS – Flatulence and Belching

Introduction Flatulence, popularly known as farting, is normal and happens to everyone. The same can be said for burping, known as belching. Everyone farts and burps several times a day, sometimes even unconsciously.In some cases, however, excess intestinal gas can be quite uncomfortable, especially if it is associated with symptoms such as…

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